More than 75% of businesses use chatbots in some form to extend their communcations across platforms. 

How can Vroomf and the team at Cagan Tech help you?

Vroomf is a powerful platform that helps organisations interact effectively and efficiently with key stakeholders via mobile including customers, partners and employees.

We do this by blending WhatsApp, Telegram and other communication channels, chatbots and surveys with existing software infrastructure to create smart solutions that go way beyond traditional interaction tools.

We work with large enterprises, SMEs, startups, charities, member groups and public sector organisations to make interactions easier, faster, better and cheaper.

Vroomf chatbots serve the following business functions:

      Customer service 24/7

      Marketing, Surveys, Feedback

      Sales, Leads Management

      HR, Employee Wellbeing

      CRM, Customer Onboarding

      IT, Mobile Functionality

      Support Services

      Supply chain

Enterprise Solutions

As part of the entire IT infrastructure, the Vroomf chatbot is integrated into existing and Cagan developed software platforms.  Cagan Tech are experts in the digital transformation arena, partner with us for just the right software solution for your business, that is both cost-effective and future-proof.  We look forward to discussing your digital project!
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Vroomf chatbots are being used to solve different problems by different sectors here’s just a few:


Self Service & Live Chat
By securely providing customers with real time information from legacy systems an
insurance company in South Africa has reduced average resolution times by 93 per cent
from 7 minutes to just 30 seconds


Self Service
A motor dealership has streamlined its communications processes so that customers can
now book in their car for a service, receive real time updates and give feedback all
themselves freeing up agents to provide more complex support to customers

Human Resources

Measure and Control
Organisations can now support their employees’ wellbeing using Vroomf’s powerful
survey engine and automated content delivery platform

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