WhatsApp Chatbots

WhatsApp is now one of the World’s favourite communication platforms and is growing at a rate of 1million users a day. Yet many organisations don’t offer it as a communication channel despite it being an efficient way to automate customer service. And if you need a ‘regular’ chatbot on your website, Vroomf can provide that too. Chatbots will remain an effective always-on lead generation tool. 

With Vroomf’s WhatsApp Chatbot you can quickly and easily deal with your customer’s most common interactions like sending them documents, answering questions or providing then live quotes. It enables customers to resolve more complex queries on their own. However, on the rare occasions that the bot can’t help it integrates seamlessly into your existing customer service process by referring the query to a live agent – either via chat or by voice call. 

All customers need to do is add your WhatsApp number to their contacts and type ‘Hi’ to start the conversation. It couldn’t be easier. 

Starting at just £99 per month your chatbot can be operationalised quickly with support from your dedicated account team.  

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot 

  •       Answers common questions faster
  •       Saves customer waiting time
  •       Enhances the customer experience
  •       Boosts customer loyalty
  •       Reduces call centre agent time
  •       Automates repetitive tasks
  •       Helps customers in real-time

Enterprise Solutions

It very quickly became clear that many organisations need communication channels tailored to their unique requirements. Our bespoke enterprise solution does exactly that. We work in collaboration with our clients to define their needs and build a proof of concept that is fit for purpose. By taking this approach we elevate traditional chatbots way beyond conversation by drawing on real-time, contextualised information meaning that your well-trained bot doesn’t just answer basic questions, it proactively solves interaction problems across all consumer channels.


Whether WhatsApp, FaceBook Messenger, Slack, or anything in between, Vroomf’s chatbots integrate across all consumer channels meaning you can connect with your stakeholders, no matter what channel they prefer. And even better it tracks the customer journey so they can interact across multiple platforms and still receive the same great experience.

Enhanced integration

Traditionally a key issue for brands wanting to enhance their customer service has been integrated into the existing stack. The Vroomf platform removes this problem through our ability to integrate into existing systems and CRM platforms.  

Context is king

We understand the need for businesses to provide a simple channel that lets new customer prospects interact with your brands. Our Vroomf chatbot can do this. We also understand that the same business may need to have the capability for problem-solving, such as verifying identity and retrieving and sending personal documents to existing customers. We have a chatbot for that too. 


From the initial meeting to proven proof-of-concept (read our proof of concept guide here *to be added later*) we can get up and running in weeks not months.  


Our team regularly analyses chat transcripts to enhance the effectiveness of your chatbot. 

Real people

Platform providers and technology companies are renowned for being faceless and remote. We’re not. Our founders, John and Trent (hyperlink to about us page) are at the heart of the business and remain involved with every aspect of the business from coding to client service. We are committed to providing you with a team of real people that will ensure you get the best out of the Vroomf platform. 

Arcus CRM 

Sometimes organisations don’t have an appropriate CRM system to integrate into, if this
is the case for you, that’s no problem.

Our integrated CRM solution is built around your specific needs. For instance, Arcus
caters to businesses that have an intermediary layer, such as a broker network for

Whether you are receiving leads on your company website, through your Whats App
channel or chatbot, Arcus CRM is able to quickly and easily consolidate these
multichannel leads and distribute them to the correct people across your entire
organisation and group of companies.

What’s more it is 60 percent more cost-effective than the most well-known platforms
and has greater, more nuanced, functionality. 

Vroomf Wellbeing Platform 

In 2019 the World Health Organisation identified wellbeing as one of the most important metrics when it came to measuring national development.  

And unsurprisingly a year later in 2020 due to Covid-19 the focus on wellbeing climbed even higher up the agenda at both a national and corporate level.  For organisations the ability to engage, monitor and enhance wellbeing for customers and employees has become much more than a nice-to-have. It is fast becoming a must-have. 

Which is why we have developed our unique Wellbeing Platform. No other solution exists that enables organisations to use a chatbot interface on any consumer communications channel to survey customers or employees about their wellbeing and then go on to deliver personalised interventions to enhance wellbeing. Based on the answers provided by the respondent, the platform automatically creates a unique engagement journey using KPIs to deliver relevant content, touchpoints or exercises at specific moments  – right time, right channel, right person.   

We provide the platform you provide the content.  

Vroomf Wellbeing Platform Benefits include: 

  •       Trigger automated processes based on rules
  •       Can be integrated into third party systems without coding
  •       Configures powerful surveys to measure a wide range of indicators
  •       Manages and delivers relevant content by lining them to rules
  •       Delivers content across all major consumer channels such as WhatsApp and Slack
  •       Provides NLP capabilities via APIs

The platform has many different applications but is currently being used by charities to deliver relevant wellbeing information to people that have been impacted by certain medical conditions and by organisations to provide support to their remote working employees during the Covid-pandemic.