Use cases for Vroomf and Arcus CRM

Use Case 1: Vroomf

Industry: Public Sector Medical Insurance

Use case: Provide a large public sector employer with a WhatsApp self-service bot to manage their medical insurance membership and claims

Our client provides specialised insurance products to a large member-based public sector organisation. Their members tend to work outdoors without access to office equipment and computer technology.

Prior to Vroomf support provided to members was via phone call into the call centre. For members this is costly and time consuming, whilst for the scheme the average resolution time was high at approximately 6+ minutes.

Integrating Vroomf we provided a WhatsApp bot to members enabling them to solve their top issues such as submitting claims and checking on the status of claims automatically without having to go through to the call centre.

When the Whatsapp bot is not able to solve the issue, the member has the ability to chat directly to a live call centre agent, all through WhatsApp, saving money on costly phone calls.

By analysing millions of actual live chat records since we launched in July 2020, we have been able to work with our client to constantly improve the automated chat functionality and relieve further pressure on the call centre.

Problem solved!



Use Case 2: Arcus CRM

Industry: Medical Insurance/Short-term Insurance

Use case: Utilise Arcus to better manage leads and the processing of applications for new medical aid members.

Our client manages 14+ medical aids in South Africa which include open schemes, to the general public, as well as closed schemes that focus purely on offering medical insurance solutions to corporates.

A need arose for one of their largest clients to move to a broker solution that can better manage the entire lead process and administer new member applications.

The new broker portal needed to seamlessly integrate with a legacy system being used for the management of members and their dependents.

Our Arcus platform has been rolled out to more than 250 brokerages with thousands of individual brokers utilising the system on a daily basis. Arcus has made it possible for the seamless integration of lead generation platforms, managing these leads quickly and efficiently and processing new applications digitally. 

As a result of the platform brokers no longer have to process paper applications removing the need for a dedicated membership team to capturing applications for the brokers and agents.

Arcus currently processes significant volumes of leads per month. Lead conversion into new membership applications has improved multiple times and conversions exceed industry standards. Applications are also processed immediately between Arcus and Nexus with membership numbers being provided as soon as the application is submitted.

It has made it possible for the various broker houses and medical aids using Arcus to better track the lead process and manage brokers and their sales targets. It has also been noted that agents are able to process more applications as they have access to their own Arcus Broker Portal wherever they are able to connect to the Internet.

Due to the success of the initial integration the client has now rolled out Arcus to another of their schemes. Team leaders for this brokerage have seen an immediate increase in the number of applications being processed and the turn-around time of these applications has also reduced significantly.

Further integration is now being done to make the portal available 24/7 to the public via a chatbot that can assist users with quotes after hours and create a lead for an agent to make contact at a later stage.